RocketCyber is searching for an experienced Rails Web developer. RocketCyber is a cloud-based SaaS which provides endpoint security for MSPs (Managed Service Providers). A light-weight agent runs on endpoint devices, monitors them for malicious combinations of events, and then reports back to our Ruby based web backend. This cloud-based backend processes reports and notifies based on the discovered data. That's where you'd be making the biggest impact.

This position is an opportunity to join an early stage web engineering team and have a big impact on the product and its implementation. Optimal candidates have a good understanding of web development for both human and machine consumption. Experience in the cyber-security industry is not required, however, having a basic understanding of attack vectors, networking, and/or desktop OS internals is beneficial.

  • Improve and scale our real-time infrastructure to support new clients (endpoint devices) by the tens of thousands
  • Optimize database queries which aggregate data
  • Work with a designer to improve the UI of a report, automated email, or dashboard
  • Build rich UI's that allow customers to gather and manipulate complex data
  • Review code other engineers write, offering suggestions and improvements
  • Help architect new and performant data pipelines for processing and responding to events hidden in data
  • Fix bugs and write tests to make sure they don't happen again
  • Motivated to write high quality code while shipping value for our customers at an efficient rate
  • Independent enough to tackle projects outside of your comfort zone
  • Humble enough to know when to rely on co-workers to help seek out answers
  • Resilient in the face of outages, angry customers, or hard-to-diagnose bugs
  • Love shipping code that adds value for our customers
  • Majestic Monolith Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Sidekiq, Stimulus.js, and some legacy jQuery
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached
  • Crystal-lang micro-services
  • Heroku, Docker, AWS, Linux

Benefits at RocketCyber

RocketCyber is an equal opportunity employer and includes competitve pay, medical benefits, dental, vision, and offers an outstanding stock option program.