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Over 30 milllion US Small Businesses need 7x24 security monitoring services but lack the skills or resources to combat today's advanced threats. RocketCyber's managed security services are designed to address this challenge but delivered by our MSP partners who are the trusted digital advisor with the SMB customer.

RocketCyber's experienced and dedicated security operations and monitoring team has vast experience running security technologies and assessment work for large enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions. Let our team augment yours and start delivering high value security services today!

Services We Deliver

  • Compromise Assessments Which systems are compromised?
  • Endpoint Detection & Response What attack TTPs have evaded cyber defenses?
  • Threat Hunt Monitoring Proactively seek out adversaries before an alert
  • Suspicious Event Log Monitoring Too small for a SIEM, this service is for you.

Compromise Assessment

Are you currently breached?

RocketCyber's Compromise Assessment determines if the customer is breached without doubt. The delivery utilizes the RocketCyber Cloud Agent and is deployed to the customer using the MSPs preferred RMM or systems management tool. Once the assessment is completed, our managed service team delivers a powerpoint presentation of the findings, an attack timeline including chronological order of malicious activity and a PDF report with technical details.

The cybersecurity cliche it's not if, but when is now a reality. With RocketCyber, find out if when is now.

attack timeline

Managed EDR

Managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) delivers continuous monitoring, anomoly detection, and forensic details supporting incident responders. This spans the auditing of the file system, registry and monitoring of malicious processes. Compromising an endpoint to establish initial access is the most common tactic for today's adversary. RocketCyber uses our lightweight cloud agent in addition to RocketApps to detect and respond to malicious activity.

Mitre Att&ck & Threat Indicator Coverage

Our managed EDR threat coverage identifies malicious host artifacts, IP Addresses, URLs, hash values, tools, and TTPs (tactics, techniques & procedures).

Mitre Att&ck tactics
command and control

Live Threat Map for MSPs

With our multi-tenant live Threat Map, it's common for MSPs using our Managed Service or Software-as-a-Service to reserve a monitor for visualizing malicious activity on any of your managed customers. For example, most US small businesses with a remote connection from Russia or China can be used as an early warning indicator.

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Gain visibility into Endpoint, Network and Cloud attack pillars.