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In the USA alone, there are 28.8 million small-medium-businesses (SMBs). In 2016, these businesses were targeted 43% of the time by digital attackers. This is a significant increase from 2011 when the SMBs were targeted 18%. The majority have no employees dedicated to managing IT much less cyber security. This puts each of these businesses in the hacker’s crosshair and defenseless against digital attackers. While SMBs lack the resources, funding and expertise to thwart off today’s escalating cyber security threats, this is an opportunity for managed service provider (MSP) to step in as the trusted cyber security advisor.

Historically, MSPs have provided a range of monthly outsourced IT, break-fix and repair services, ensuring small business are operational at an affordable cost, eliminating the need for SMBs to hire full-time technical employees.

MSPs Challenged to Deliver Cyber Services

At RocketCyber, we’ve been busy listening to the presidents of over 50 MSPs, validating our engineering efforts and business goals. The stories are all too common; customers are increasingly attacked and compromised by the week. Business owners don’t want to invest in legal, forensic investigation after an incident, it’s not affordable, the reporting deliverables are too technical, etc.

While there is no shortage of security tools and solutions in the market, MSPs are finding it challenging to deliver security services with conventional security solutions that are built and priced for large enterprise networks. This has resulted in SMB owners accepting the risk, eventually trickling down to us as the consumer, as many small businesses store the data that we all value.

In short, our analysis concludes there exists a big gap in the market whereby SMBs need big enterprise security capabilities, delivered by the MSP as a service, at an affordable cost.

RocketCyber Provides Answers

Collectively, we, Carl Banzhof and Billy Austin, have 40 plus years in the cyber, network and computer security industry. Having developed successful startups in the areas of vulnerability management, intrusion detection, data breach intelligence and anti-malware for enterprises, government agencies and MSPs, we have reunited again with a mission to provide high-end security solutions for MSPs to protect their SMB customers.

We have been hard at work building this next generation security solution. We strive to make the difficulty of securing your customers simple and unobtrusive. We know you will be delighted with the design and flexibility of the solution as it leverages the latest technologies to deliver:

  • RocketCloud – Multi-tenant, self-provisioning, cloud based management, operational control across all of your customers and integrated alerts with your PSA.
  • RocketAgent – RocketCyber’s advanced agent technology that provides continuous monitoring for breaches and suspicious activity.

RocketCyber is built and priced specifically to enable Managed Service Providers to deliver cyber security services to Small-Medium-Business.

The Opportunity for MSPs and SMBs

Never before in the history of the Internet, have small businesses across the world been subject to ransomware extortion, stolen data, security incidents and at risk to next generation automated black market attack code. Never before have managed service providers been presented the opportunity to grow their business by such magnitude by incorporating breach detection and monitoring into their portfolio while safeguarding the no-longer defenseless small business.

Friends, partners and colleagues, we are in the midst of digital warfare. Together we must defend not only against today’s cyber-criminal techniques but tomorrow’s escalating new attack methodologies. SMBs can’t afford to ignore security issues until it’s too late, MSPs can’t afford to leave customers at risk.

We're excited to begin revealing what we’ve been working on. More details to follow.

Follow along as we approach lift-off, Summer 2018!

Billy Austin | Carl Banzhof
Co-founders of RocketCyber

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