5 Factor Technology

Founded in April 2022, 5 Factor Technology is a fast-growing MSP that specializes in delivering services for organizations in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), Financial Services and Oil and Gas verticals. With a team of industry experts, the company addresses the specific technological gaps in these sectors by offering robust, compliant IT and security services. 5 Factor Technology offers holistic solutions, prioritizing ease of use and convenience above all else for clients. In short, 5 Factor Technology simplifies IT for everyone.

  • Company: 5 Factor Technology
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Houston, Sugar Land
  • Established: 2022
  • Interviewed: Andres Ruz, Chief Information Security Officer

"Protecting our clients and their resources is our mission, and we were able to introduce this solution to SMBs who had never even imagined that they could have access to something like this."

Andres Ruz, Chief Information Security Officer

The Challenge

Businesses in the AEC industry are expected to meet stringent compliance requirements that necessitate advanced security measures to protect sensitive data and infrastructure. 5 Factor Technology faced the challenge of delivering comprehensive security tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) within the AEC vertical, which traditionally could not afford complex and costly security solutions typically leveraged by bigger players.

The Solution

Seeking to provide optimal security solutions and services that were best suited to its clients’ needs, 5 Factor Technology integrated RocketCyber, a powerful managed security operations center (SOC) service. The integration was effortless owing to RocketCyber’s ease of use and its seamless integration with other key products like Windows Defender, a popular and effective means of defense against the level of sophistication seen in today’s cyberthreats.

RocketCyber’s managed SOC solution appealed to 5 Factor Technology for several reasons:

  • Integration capabilities: RocketCyber integrates effectively with 5 Factor Technology’s existing solutions, enhancing its security offerings without disrupting current operations.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts: RocketCyber’s capabilities in monitoring and notifying about suspicious activities, such as unusual logins, are essential for preventing account compromise, a common cybersecurity issue in the AEC sector.

RocketCyber was rolled out to 40% of 5 Factor Technology’s clients, primarily SMBs, that could benefit significantly from advanced yet affordable cybersecurity solutions. The implementation process, its rapid deployment capabilities and the minimal technical effort required to integrate the service with existing systems, like antivirus, firewall solutions and Microsoft 365, further empowered the company to deliver the kind of holistic services it intended.

“It’s a great fit for small businesses because it efficiently processes logs from what I consider the most critical elements: your computers, servers, antivirus, firewalls and Microsoft 365,” said Andres Ruz, CISO of 5 Factor Technology.

From the integration all the way through to its implementation, RocketCyber was just the solution 5 Factor Technology was looking for.


The deployment of RocketCyber significantly enhanced the security posture of 5 Factor Technology’s clients. The SOC’s proactive monitoring and alert system played a critical role in the early detection of potential security breaches, notably account compromises. For instance, RocketCyber’s system alerted 5 Factor Technology to unauthorized logins from foreign locations, enabling quick action to mitigate cyber-risks. Clients have expressed high satisfaction with RocketCyber’s performance, particularly valuing the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 operational monitoring.

The integration of the SOC service with other critical security tools has created a cohesive and robust defense strategy that is both efficient and cost-effective.

This partnership exemplifies 5 Factor Technology’s commitment to delivering top-tier, compliant and client-focused IT security solutions. By choosing RocketCyber, 5 Factor Technology not only enhanced its service delivery but also strengthened its reputation as a forward-thinking MSP in the AEC vertical. The success story of 5 Factor Technology and RocketCyber highlights how tailored cybersecurity solutions can profoundly improve the operational security of SMBs, aligning with industry compliance standards while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

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