Started in 2010, CISPOINT is a full-service network consulting and managed services provider dedicated to delivering reliable and professional IT solutions in the Baltimore-Washington DC Metropolitan area. Its team of skilled IT professionals is committed to resolving your IT issues quickly, with an average response time of 3.5 minutes. With 24/7/365 monitoring, CISPOINT provides peace of mind, allowing clients to focus entirely on their business while the company handles their IT needs.

  • Interviewed: Jacqui Magnes, CEO,
    Zach Browning, Director of Managed Technology Solutions,
    Gary Monck, Marketing Manager

"RocketCyber's SOC analysts are extremely knowledgeable and quick on their feet, with answers to any questions readily available. I haven't had a call where they didn't have an answer prepared. They also follow up with emails immediately after we get a message in our portal, which has been great."

Zach Browning, Director of Managed Technology Solutions.

The Challenge

Catering to organizations operating out of various industries that demand stringent compliance with various cybersecurity regulations, CISPOINT faced the challenge of integrating multiple security tools while maintaining operational efficiency. The fragmented nature of its initial security stack resulted in inefficiencies, such as technicians juggling multiple tabs and manually entering data from penetration tests and vulnerability scans. This not only increased the risk of errors but also led to significant frustration among the technical staff, ultimately impacting productivity and service quality.

The Solution

CISPOINT recognized the need for a more integrated approach and turned to Kaseya’s comprehensive suite of IT security solutions. By adopting Kaseya’s IT Complete platform, the company was able to consolidate its security and management tools, thereby reducing complexity and enhancing operational maturity.

The key solutions implemented included:

  • RocketCyber: Providing powerful managed security operations center (SOC) services, RocketCyber enabled real-time threat detection and response, ensuring immediate action against potential security breaches.
  • Datto EDR: An endpoint detection and response solution that, when combined with RocketCyber, offered enhanced protection and streamlined incident management.
  • Compliance Manager GRC: This tool streamlined the process of managing and documenting compliance with various regulations, significantly reducing the time spent on compliance-related tasks.
  • VulScan: Seamless integration with Compliance Manager allowed for automated vulnerability scanning and reporting, cutting down compliance scanning time by 30%.

Zach Browning, Director of Managed Technology Solutions at CISPOINT, expressed that the process of integrating each solution was remarkably smooth, thanks to the robust support from Kaseya’s team. The transition began with the adoption of Compliance Manager and VulScan, which immediately alleviated the burden of manual data entry. This was followed by the implementation of RocketCyber and Datto EDR, which provided CISPOINT with a unified security monitoring and response platform.

“From the integration to the setup, everything was seamless. We saw an immediate return on investment with real-time alerts and actions taken on potential threats, reducing our response times drastically,” said Zach, highlighting the immediate benefits.


The deployment of Kaseya’s integrated solutions brought about a transformative change in CISPOINT’s operations. The company experienced:

  • Enhanced security posture: The proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities of RocketCyber and Datto EDR significantly improved CISPOINT’s ability to detect and respond to a wide range of cyberthreats. For instance, RocketCyber’s alert system flagged unauthorized logins from foreign locations, enabling quick mitigation of potential breaches.
  • Improved operational efficiency: The consolidation of tools under the Kaseya platform reduced the number of systems technicians had to interact with, minimizing frustration and enhancing productivity. Browning noted, “Our technicians went from managing multiple tabs to working within a unified platform, which has streamlined our processes and improved our overall efficiency.”
  • Effortless compliance management and reporting: The integration of Compliance Manager GRC and VulScan ensured that CISPOINT could effortlessly manage compliance requirements, keeping pace with evolving regulations without the manual overhead.

CISPOINT’s clients are highly satisfied with the enhanced security and efficiency of the new system. The 24/7 monitoring and rapid threat response provide peace of mind, while streamlined operations allow CISPOINT to focus on customer service and business growth. This partnership with Kaseya demonstrates how integrated IT management solutions drive operational excellence and robust security.

Leveraging Kaseya’s suite, CISPOINT has set a benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness in cybersecurity. As CISPOINT expands, Kaseya’s solutions will continue to support its mission of delivering top-tier IT and security services.

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