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RocketApps provide solutions for many cybersecurity use cases. Each use case facilitates recurring revenue opportunities for the managed service provider. Login to your account to turn on your preferred RocketApps, no separate installation required.

Each RocketApp detects malicious/suspicious activity. PSA Alerts (ConnectWise & Autotask) are supported for all RocketApps.

cyberterrorist network cyberterrorist connection

Cyber Terrorist Network Connection

This app detects network connections to nation states that are known to engage in cyberterrorist activities targeting small businesses.

Suspicious + Malicious
Breach Detection TTPs breach Detection

Advanced Breach Detection (TTPs)

Continuous monitoring app for attacker Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures that circumvent security prevention defenses such as Anti-virus and Firewalls.

Event log monitoring Windows event log monitoring

Suspicious Event Log Monitor

Microsoft Windows event log monitoring detects and alerts security related activities such as failed logins, clearing security logs, unauthorized activity, etc.

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Suspicious + Malicious
Threat Hunter Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

Provides investigative capabilities to find malicious activity through 17 categories of analysis, e.g. processes, hashes, URLs, and IOCs.

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suspicious networks ports suspicious network tools

Suspicious Network Services

Monitors well-known services that are commonly leveraged for malicious intent and detects unnecessary services mitigating a potential backdoor.

Suspicious Hacker Tools Suspicious Tools

Suspicious Tools

Detects suspicious tools that should not be present on SMB networks such as hacking utilities, password crackers and other tools for malicious intent.

Suspicious + Malicious
Cryptocurrency security cryptocurrency miner security

Cryptocurrency Mining Detection

Monitors for Cryptojacking, the unauthorized use of a computer to mine cryptocurrency. Detects for endpoint presence and in-browser javascript miners.

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Suspicious + Malicious
Threat Intelligence Threat intelligence Feeds

Threat Intelligence Feeds

This app delivers threat feeds from RocketCyber and our partner intelligence providers, delivering actionable information on attackers.

Ondemand malware analyzer online malware scan

On-demand Malware Analyzer

This free app service analyzes files for viruses, trojans and malicious content and responds with a verdict of malicious or benign.

Suspicious + Malicious
Ondemand Threat Hunting Ondemand Threat scan

On-demand Threat Hunting

Performs threat queries on all of your customer endpoints searching for common hunts; Hashes, URLs, Processes and Files.

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Suspicious + Malicious
Malicious windows process Suspicious windows process

System Process Verifier

Analyzes system processes for known suspicious or malicious behaviors based on various factors including disk image location, timestamp fingerprinting and Levenshtein distance calculations.

Malicious file detect Malicious file detection

Malicious File Detection

Monitors and detects malicious files that are written to disk or executed.

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