Endpoint detection for your customers in a whole new way
with RocketCyber's Cloud platform.

RocketCyber Cloud Platform

The architecture that powers RocketCyber's endpoint security cloud RocketApps

Designed from the ground up for the managed service provider. Delivered as a Software-as-Service from the cloud to customer endpoints, RocketCyber helps MSPs streamline detection and response capabilities and build security into monthly core services.

Consolidate your endpoint detection and response stack in a single platform. A new unified approach to EDR (endpoint detection & response).

We help MSPs

  • DETECT attacks evading defenses
  • ALERT PSA to reduce dwell time
  • RESPOND to incidents

How it Works

Cloud Agents provide continuous monitoring

On servers, desktop, and laptops on the network, on the go or in the cloud, RocketCyber Cloud Platform agents are always on, giving you continuous visibility of all your Windows assets. The cloud agents are remotely deployable with your favorite RMM, centrally managed and self-updating.

Cloud Console

Where multi-tenant administration of provisioning, reporting and configuration of RocketApps occur.

Cloud Agent

The lightweight agent that enables 7/24 monitoring and connects to RocketApps


Purpose built endpoint detection and response apps for Windows systems

Explore RocketApps


Push/pull data from 3rd party integrations such as threat intelligence feeds and PSA systems

Detect threats and analyze data in real time

RocketCyber software-as-a-service provides a cloud-to-endpoint solution, allowing you to avoid the cost and complexities that come with managing multiple endpoint security vendors. The RocketCyber Cloud Platform automatically gathers and analyzes security threat data in a scalable, state-of-the-art backend. Provisioning any of RocketCyber's natively integrated detection and response RocketApps - fourteen and counting - is as easy as flipping the switch.

RocketCyber Console

Respond to threats immediately

With our Cloud Agent technology, there’s no need to schedule scans or manage credentials for scanning. Software-as-a-Service delivers Continuous Monitoring 24x7 and lets you proactively address malicious and suspicious threats: whenever new threats appear, real-time alerts notify you immediately via email or as a PSA ticket.

command and control

With our multi-tenant live Threat Map, your MSP has a visual of unauthorized connections to the impacted customer and host including a drill down to pinpoint who is attacking and what tactics and techniques are being performed.

Business questions RocketCyber can answer today:

  • What systems are currently compromised?
  • What attack tactics and techniques are taking place?
  • Where did the attack originate from?
  • 8:02 am / June 1, 2019 Tactic: Privilege Escalation

    Technique: Bypass User Account Control Detected. eventvwr.exe elevated and executed a script.
  • 11:50 pm / June 2, 2019 Tactic: Command & Control

    Technique: Detected Commonly Used Port / TCP 3389 (RDP) & TCP 443 (HTTPS) bypassing the firewall connecting to Russia and China.
  • 2:03 am / June 3, 2019 Tactic: Defense Evasion

    Techniques: Detected adversary disabling the Windows Firewall and the Windows Event Log was cleared.

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