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a Cyber Security Platform, built for MSPs servicing SMBs

RocketCyber Platform

RocketCyber's multi-tenant architecture was built for the managed service provider to deliver security-as-a-service to small-medium businesses.

Our cloud console powers the suite of endpoint detection RocketApps where provisioning, PSA integrations, and reporting occur.

Cloud Agent

The lightweight cloud agent delivers visibility to all of your customer's servers, desktops and laptops. Once installed, your MSP is now ready to deliver continuous cyber monitoring services.

Deployment of the cloud agent is commonly delivered with your favorite RMM vendor.


Our growing suite of endpoint security apps require no separate installation. Simply login to RocketCyber, navigate to the marketplace, and enable the RocketApps of your choice. This is where MSPs determine what endpoint detection and response services will be offered.

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Cloud to the endpoint, security-as-a service starts now.