February 04, 2020

RocketCyber Releases Threat Monitoring Cloud Apps for Office 365

Three new security apps empower managed service providers to deliver real-time Office 365 threat monitoring services.

DALLAS, TX – Today, RocketCyber announced three new security apps to help manage service providers monitor emerging threats targeting Office 365 and Azure Active Directory cloud applications. These new apps extend RocketCyber’s approach to delivering innovation that MSP partners can build upon to strengthen the broader security ecosystem against cyberattacks from the cloud to the endpoint.

As small-medium businesses continue moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud, they gain cost savings, convenience and performance. However, this adoption frequently comes without oversight and security controls, introducing risk for intrusions, breaches and regulatory violations.

To address these challenges, RocketCyber is expanding beyond its traditional endpoint security solutions to address the cloud attack vector. This enables MSPs and SOCs a multi-tenant single pane of glass to manage all customers with complete threat visibility targeting Office 365 and Azure Active Directory, enriched with threat intelligence.Apps released today:

  • Office 365 Login Analyzer –Detects successful and unsuccessful logins outside the expected geolocations, known malicious IP Addresses and adversaries, exposing unauthorized authentication activity.
  • Office 365 Log Monitor –Multi-tenant security event log monitoring for all accounts linked to Microsoft Office 365 providing visibility into users, groups, Azure Active Directory and more.
  • Office 365 Secure Score –Provides the overall cloud security posture with itemized control plans across all Office 365 tenants.

“While 2019’s daunting volume of cyberattacks proved to wreak havoc on the endpoint, security threats are expanding the attack surface by leveraging the cloud as another means of gaining unauthorized entry,” said Billy Austin, president of RocketCyber. “Microsoft’s Office 365 domination throughout the SMB industry coupled with email as the primary entry vehicle that leads to endpoint infections (ransomware, malware, cryptojacking, etc.) present a real challenge to SMB owners. Today’s announcement provides MSPs complete visibility across these cloud apps while reducing the threat gap.”

Managed Service Providers can learn more by visiting the RocketCyber AppStore. These new apps are available today, require no hardware or software, and are included in Managed SOC Service subscription plan.

RocketCyber co-founders Carl Banzhof and Billy Austin will be demonstrating the new Office 365 Threat Monitoring Apps at the ASCII IT Summit, February 26 in Long Beach, CA.About RocketCyber

RocketCyber, a Managed SOC platform enables managed service providers to deliver security monitoring services for small-medium businesses. Built specifically for MSPs, the RocketCyber cloud platform identifies malicious and suspicious activity that evades traditional cyber defenses.Media Contact

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